This includes books that have been written about Jo Noero’s work by others, as well as chapters he has written

2009 The Everyday and the Extraordinary – Architecture and Writing – Jo Noero, Architect, from 1984 to 2009 – edited by Jennifer Sorrell,  ADA Publishing, South Africa
10 Years + 100 Buildings – Architecture in a Democratic South Africa  – edited by Ora Joubert, Bell Roberts Publishing, South Africa
2008 The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century Architecture – Phaidon Press Limited, UK
Museum and Gallery – Time and Place Considerate – edited by Uje Lee, C3 Publishing Company, Korea
2006 Contemporary South African Architecture – Sharp City – Struik Press, South Africa

Architecture 06 – edited by Tony Chapman,  Merrell Publishers Limited, London, UK

2004 Building New Ground: Architecture, Politics and Cultural Change – Lisa Findley, Routledge Press, USA
2003 Global Cities – Cinema, Architecture and Urbanism  in a Digital Age – edited by Linda Krause and Patrice Petro, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey and London
2000 10×10: Selected Works of Those Architects Who Are Anticipated to be the  Next Generation of World Architects – edited by Iona Baird, Phaidon Press, London, UK
1998 The Ghost of Culture – Reasserting First Principles – Jo Noero, School of Architecture, Washington University, USA
1997 Reclaiming the Modern – edited by Michael Spens,  Heineman Butterfield, UK

Architecture of South Africa – edited by Tina Muwanga, Ellipsis, UK

1995 581 Architects in the World – edited by Riichi Miyake, Shin Muramutsi and Masayuk Fuchigami, Toto Shuppan, Japan

Jo Noero’s work has been published extensively within South Africa and internationally. For brevity, only the international architectural journals are included here.

2011 Lotus International, Italy
2010 Au, Japan
Casabella, Italy
Lotus International, Italy, Turkey
2008 A+U, Spain
Architectural Review, UK
Casabella, Italy
Domus, Italy
Harvard Design Magazine, USA
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Journal, UK
2007 A + T Civilitas, Spain
Arquitectura Viva, Spain
L’ Arca, Spain
2006 A+ Architecture of a New World, Dubai
Architectural Record, USA
Arkinka, Peru
2005 Icon, United Kingdom
Open House International, UK
World Architecture, China
2001 Archidea, Belgium
The Architectural Review, UK
World Architecture, UK
2000 The Chronicle of Higher Education, USA
1999 Architectural Record, USA
Harvard Design Journal, USA
1998 Inland Architect, USA
1997 The Architectural Review, UK
Spazio e Societa – Rivista Internazionale Di Arcitectura, Italy
1996 AA Files – Annals of the Architectural Association, UK
Dimensions – Journal of the College of Architecture, University of Michigan, USA
Norwegian Journal of Architecture, Norway
1995 The Architectural Review, UK
The Architectural Review, UK
The Architectural Review, UK
1994 Swedish Journal of Architecture, Sweden
1986 Union of International Architects Journal, UK
1985 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Journal, UK
Over 175 articles have been published in South African architectural journals from 1984–2004. These publications include ADA, Architecture SA, Planning Magazine and Building Magazine.