Museum of African Design, Johannesburg, South Africa – Exhibition: “Unfinished City”
Cape Institute for Architecture, Cape Town, South Africa – Exhibition: ”Art or Architecture: A Way of Making”


Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy –  Exhibition: “Urban Age Exhibition”


Chicago Architecture Biennial, Chicago, USA


Spazio FMG Gallery, Milan, Italy – Exhibition: “Together”


The Museum of Architecture, Munich, Germany – Exhibition: “Afritecture: Building Social Change”, curated by Andres Lepik
MAXXI National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, Rome, Italy – Exhibition: ENERGY: Oil and Post Oil Architecture and Grids – “Productive  (Re)public


 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy – The 13th International Architecture Exhibition “Common Ground” directed by David Chipperfield – Exhibition: “Common Ground/Different Worlds.
The School of Architecture and Planning, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy – Exhibition: “Jo Noero – Built Works”, curated by Professor Massimo Faiferri


World Architecture Festival, Barcelona, Spain – Exhibition: “Space and Transformation”
Biennial Congress of Turkish Chamber of Architects, Istanbul, Turkey – 30 projects exhibited
Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy – The 12th International Architecture Exhibition “People Meet in Architecture”, directed by Kazuyo Sejima – Exhibition: “People and Space”, curated by SANAA
World Expo of Architecture, Shanghai, China – Exhibition: Work selected for exhibition in the South African Pavilion
Cape Institute of Architects World Cup Exhibition, Cape Town, South Africa – Work selected for exhibition, curated by Andre Van Graan
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA – An Architecture of Social Engagement Exhibition: “Small Project /Big change”, curated by Andres Lepik


Iziko National Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa – Exhibition: “The Everyday and the Extraordinary”, curated by Jo Noero


Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy – Exhibition: Exhibition of South African Architecture – Red Location Museum chosen


Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy – Exhibition:  The 10th International Architecture Exhibition “Cities, architecture and society” directed by Richard Burdett – Red Location Museum chosen as part of the exhibition of South African Architecture
Basilica of Palladio, Venice, Italy – Exhibition: Dedallo Minosse Exhibition of International Architecture – Red Location Museum Exhibited


Paolo Biennale, Sao Paolo, Brazil – Five projects selected for exhibition


Annual Exhibition of the Eastern Province Society for the Arts and Crafts, Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Exhibition: “Museum of Struggle: Red Location”


Washington University School of Architecture, St. Louis, USA – Exhibition of Recent International Architectural Works – Exhibition: “Critical Practice, Works in Progress: Noero, Donnelly and Luchini”


Museum Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa – Exhibition: “Housing Generator Exhibition”
Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, the Netherlands – Exhibition of Architectural Works from South Africa Exhibition: “Blank_Architecture, Apartheid and After”
International Exhibition of Contemporary South African Architecture, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg


Washington University Steinberg Gallery, St. Louis, USA – Exhibition: “Site as Context”


Martin Luther King Exhibition at the University of Michigan College of Architecture, Ann Arbor, USA


Africa 95 Festival at the Architectural Association, London, UK – Exhibition: “Public Architecture and Settlement – Architectural Practice in South Africa.”
South African Institute of Architects Exhibition, Die Raadsaal, Pretoria, South Africa


South African Institute of Architects Exhibition, Sandton Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa


South African Institute of Architects Bi-Annual Congress, Johannesburg, South Africa


Under 40’s Exhibition, Cape Town, South Africa
Architecture S.A. Project Award Program Exhibition at Tuinhuis, Cape Town, South Africa