WGHS – New Classrooms

Name Wynberg Girls High School
Client Wynberg Girls High School
Location Wynberg, Cape Town
Status Built, 2017

Eight new classrooms were needed for expansion of the school. The only space available was in, around or on top of the buildings in the main courtyard. Initially it was decided to add a second floor to each of the two side wings of the courtyard to accommodate the new classrooms. However, this obliterated the view of the Table Mountain range from the courtyard. It also paralyzed the use of eight classrooms below the new classrooms during construction which would have created havoc with the school’s timetable.

In response to this, the architects added two wings of four classrooms. Each wing was placed to either side of the court at ground level. This created a ‘street’ between existing classrooms and the new ones on either side of the court.

We decided to cover the new classrooms with earth for environmental and climatic reasons. The result is a new courtyard which is elliptical in section and which offers better views of the mountain range. The shape offers itself up to a new range of uses including concerts, performances of all kinds as well as a communal space which can be used by a number of different groups of pupils of varying sizes and ages.