Jul 012012


Precinct Competition Entry | Museum Library & Archive | Gallery Housing Art School Theatres 2025 Design

Project information

Name: Red Location
Client: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality
Location: New Brighton, Port Elizabeth
Status: Ongoing

Phase two of the Red Location Precinct will comprise an art gallery, library and archive.

Phase 1 comprised the Red Location Museum and outdoor amphitheatre.

The construction of these buildings will require the relocation of 150 families living in shacks on the site to a site immediately adjacent to this one. The new houses will be built to accommodate the displaced families. The houses must satisfy the housing subsidy requirements of a minimum of 40m² to be built for approximately R40 000. The sites are four metres wide and 20metres long.

Every two houses are joined to form semi-detached houses. The houses are entered in the middle from the side. A stair divides the ground floor and first floor into two rooms of 9m² each. The two joined houses share a common façade, which is designed to represent the idea of one big house rather than two small houses. The roofs pitch away from the street façade – one is presented with a square façade with the proportions of 6m x 6m. It is hoped in this way to present to the public a sense of a house bigger and grander than what is in reality.